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The Shabti collections

These catalogues describe in detail collections of shabtis held at museums around the UK.

All shabtis are reproduced in full colour, and are usually shown at full size. Each shabti is fully researched giving names, titles, dates, material, size and provenance. Known parallel examples around the world are also cited.

At present, the catalogues cover these collections:

All catalogues may be purchased online or ordered from any good bookshop.

Glenn Janes is the author of the acclaimed Shabtis - A Private View.

Glenn Janes was born on Wiltshire, England in 1954 and was educated at Marlborough Grammar School and North East Essex Technical College and School of Art. A professional musician, his interest in Ancient Egypt dates back to the British Museum ’s Tutankhamen Exhibition of 1972.

He studied Egyptology at the University of Manchester and has made shabtis his speciality since then, visiting museums all over the world and meeting leading scholars in the subject.

Glenn Janes is a member of the Egypt Exploration Society.  
Publisher and world distributor
Olicar House Publications, England
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