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SHABTIS A Private View
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The Amasis Collection

The Amasis Collection  is a major collection of Egyptian antiquities. In this catalogue, the author has focused on an important group of shabti figures in the Collection, each of which has been fully researched including full details of provenance. Many illustrious names are to be found in the list of owners, including 30 shabtis for kings, queens and their families.

The Amasis Collection, which includes artefacts from a number of different cultures and periods, was started in the 1960s by a dedicated couple from Amsterdam and until now only a small number of people have ever been allowed to see it. One of the lucky ones was the Dutch artist and author Jean Thomassen who was given permission to publish photos and information about several pieces in his books.

Shabtis from Gerard van Hulst’s Collection are included in this catalogue together with examples from the famous collector and dealer Dr. John Möger and numerous others.

With this volume, Janes reaches the apogee of his shabti achievements. Photography is, without exception, exemplary. Even if the reader has no real research interest in the material, the illustrations are sumptuous and a testament to the quality of minor arts in funerary production. It is difficult to overstate the meticulous amount of research that has gone into the production of this volume. For breadth and depth, brilliant photography and full contextualisation, this is about as good as it gets for shabtis.
Campbell Price  Ancient Egypt Magazine

It's gorgeous. What a great range of images. It's the kind of incredibly well-researched book that usually has a team working on it...photographer, computer person, designer, etc. It is an astonishing amount of work, and it appears you thought out every detail. I love the paper, the cover, with isolated glossy images. I spent time yesterday going through your book, and it's even more amazing when one gets into the details. What a masterpiece. It seems like a complex musical creation, when all the instruments are in tune and in sync playing an ancient composition. How amazing that you went from such a high position in music, shifted gears and brought all that expertise into the top of another field. What a wonderful legacy. 
JONATHAN MEADER Artist, Author, Egyptologist
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Many full colour and black and white photos.

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Foreword by Dutch artist and author
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Deir el-Bahari Caches
Shabti-box for Hor-em-Khebit