Shabtis and  ancient Egypt
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SHABTIS A Private View
Glenn Janes
Stockport Museums

STOCKPORT opened its first museum in 1860 in Vernon Park. Since then the service has expanded and now includes Stockport Art Gallery, Hat Works Museum, Stockport Story, Staircase House, Bramall Hall, Chadkirk Chapel and the Air Raid Shelters.

The collections began with the gift, and later bequest, of a collection of paintings purchased by John Benjamin Smith during a Grand Tour of Italy. The collections subsequently grew with the fashion for Victorian ‘cabinets of curiosity’, with collectors bringing back a variety of objects from travels abroad which make up the Egyptology and Ethnology collections.

The collections now cover a broad range of disciplines from natural history, social and industrial history, fine and decorative arts and archaeology and consist of over 150,000 objects.

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