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SHABTIS A Private View
Glenn Janes
Warrington Museum and Art Gallery

Warrington Museum and Art Gallery is one of the oldest municipal museums in the UK.

The majority of shabtfs in the Warrington collection date from the Third Intermediate Period, a large number coming from the excavations carried out by Arthur Mace at Abydos, North Cemeteries, Cemetery D, in 1899-1900. Other shabtfs of notable interest in the Warrington collection are a pair for the ‘Chief Keeper of the Records of the Treasury in the Temple of Amen,’ Am en-m es. Dating from the 20th Dynasty, this person is listed in a papyrus as one of several individuals who handed back gold, and other materials obtained from tomb robbers.

The collection also has a rather rare New Kingdom bronze shabti for Nakht-hir-khepesh-ef (cat. No. 5), and several examples for important nobility dating from the Late Period.

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